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Movie Studio Platinum 13.0

Create movies complete with title rolls, credits and text animations
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Make 4K movies or create 3D videos and produce them using one of the hundreds video or audio effects available, by adding scrolling credits or by introducing text animations.

Movie Studio Platinum is an excellent video-editing tool. It has an astonishing interface, whose all the visual elements have been exactly arranged for the best usability possible. However, this program may still be somewhat difficult to use, especially for beginners. Therefore, you might need to consult the excellent accompanying help documentation frequently.

Movie Studio Platinum is way beyond most video editors intended for general users. It even has some features that are only available from very expensive applications. Various media sources are supported. Besides adding standard media files, you can also import a DVD camcorder disc, capture video directly from a device, get photos or extract audio from a CD. Unfortunately, some popular formats are not supported. I had particular difficulty to import Xvid movies.

It allows you to compose your movie by arranging the imported items on a sophisticated timeline supporting various tracks that let you manage text, video, overlays, voice, music and sound effects separately. It supports trimming clips by setting the start and end points for the desired segment with great precision. You can also insert a wide range of transitions between the clips. A convenient feature is that the tool puts in control of the clips’ exact position by allowing you to activate or deactivate cascade-editing options. This refers to how clips react when the position or length of another clip are changed.

This editor lets you choose from various output options. You can publish your movie to YouTube, share it online, burn a disc, save it to a camera, a portable device or your hard drive. Although multiple output formats are allowed, some popular video formats cannot be used. Fortunately, you can customize output parameters to meet your exact needs. One of this application’s undeniable strengths is its rendering speed. Despite the evident complexity of processing various tracks and multiple effects, this tool managed to render video reasonably fast. Fortunately it supports GPU acceleration and the latest versions are also available for 64-bit operating systems.

All in all, Movie Studio Platinum is an excellent choice in a market crowded with software of all kinds and qualities. Its main drawback is probably the complexity of its use. Unfortunately, this tool supports so many features that it is absolutely impossible to talk about all of them in a review. My advice is that you should take advantage of the availability of a trial version and see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports multiple editing features
  • It supports lots of effects
  • It has a beatiful interface
  • It renders video reasonably fast
  • It has a reasonably price
  • It has excellent help documentation
  • It supports various output options


  • It does not support various popular video formats
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